Inspired Demo Tour Timber Ridge

Peace !

We left the Doug E Fresh cavern yesterday and headed west for a 3 hour rainy drive to meet up with the people from Timber Ridge. The weather situation was not in the ski resorts favor but they defenetly managed to work the best out of it and so did we, cause rain is fun to ski in.

The turn out was amazing, there where more kids then most of the midwest’s stops we attended and a lot of them where fun to watch. Luke whom generously offered us a place to stay for the night along side with the GM, his wife, Amy, was destroying the jump in his own way wich was real impressive to watch. After a very good session and big time foot cramping due possibly to the days off boots we took after a 8 days strike, we went to the lodge to get fed and chat with the locals.

The turn out in there was great as well, a lot of kids joined and got themselves a poster and handshake from the ITC and I think everybody left satisfied and happy.

Thanks to Luke & Amy, Matty, Timber Ridge and all the skiers that came along.


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