Les Arcs- France


It has now been a week since my arrival to France for the Redbull Line Catcher witch was unfortunately cancelled due to the lack of snow… But, never the less, linked up with Ahmet Dadali, Kape Kruzaider and Cameleon and we still are making the best out of this trip! The localz here are genuinely welcoming and stoked to show us around the mountain as well as cooking great meals for us to learn more about the culinary culture of this area, greatest tartiflette in the game. I also got to check out the B&E Inventationnal course and meet some of the staff for the event and it iz looking great, cannot wait!

We are now moving around from Les Arcs to Val D isere, to meet up with the gpsyz. Real stoked to link with these guys again and get it going bigger and better then last time i was around!

Major Thanks to HerVe, Raf Reggaz, Pierre, Mikey, Benoit and Ski Set shop.

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