J o u r n a l

Newschoolers “Hall Of Fame”


‘Humbled to receive such a recognition. The ski community is filled with people deserving this title—honored to be chosen this time around. I take this opportunity to give credit to; family & friends who believed in me, the forefathers who paved the way, mentors who offered guidance, sponsors & fans for their support—Thankz to all’


‘I managed to craft a path by blocking off the noise of expectation and, instead, follow ed my inclinations. Hall of fame can often come as recognition for someone retiring or retired—this ain’t me. This is not the peak, if there is such a place. I like to see it as up hills and down hills—both are part of the ride. I’ll keep climbing up, again & again, knowing that, like CR Johnson said “On the way down it’s awesome”⛷’