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Born and Raised in Shawinigan, Quebec, I was blessed to grow up in a family that gave me the opportunity to start skiing at the age of 2.

My Parents granted me the privilege to build my skiing skillz with the local race team from age 6 to 11. I felt oppressed by the rules and coaches aspect of the sport so I quit to pursue fun. Right around that time was when a new ‘genre’ of skiing was being born from the ashes of snowboarding. Highly influenced by my brother and Vmonk and sponsored by my Parents, I started pursuing this new emerging art form called Freeskiing...

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Happy 2017!

For this new year, my brother gave my family and myself the opportunity to explore some unfamiliar Quebecan land. It is a little slice of paradise located north east of my hometown in the village of Anse St-Jean in the region called Saguenay, Mont Édouard. We hit the perfect timing soon as we got here, mother nature blessed us with 2 feet of snow! Got to share some amazing moments with loved ones and discover some of the finest terrain for skiing there is in the province of Quebec.

My knee is feeling great and my skis even better, I will soon start filming manoeuvres again to document my season in progression. Good things keep coming, thankful.

Wishing you all a healthy 2017. Peace




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Peace People-
Happy to be typing on the behalf of my return on skis after having suffered a break on my acl ligament in my knee. I’ve been rehabbing to the fullest for 9 months now which represents the longest period spent off snowy hillz. The recovery road is always challenging but brings forth much positivity if you allow it to.

It has been a chance to mentally refine my upcoming approach towards skiing as well as envisioning the most suitable orientation of my creativity to be expressed. It’s also been an opportunity to focus on other occupations that stimulates the mind in wayz that wouldn’t occur if i would not have been injured. It taught me a sense of discipline that as been poured into my daily patterns and reminded me just how much i love to ski.

Therefore, I am thankful for what happen, but now, time to ski with great people, progress and stay mighty healthy!



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By this time, mammoth’s trip belong to the past, leaving nothing but fruitful memories for the mind to reminisce upon. The productivity there was off the hook, but I ain’t only talking bout skiing here… talking auto rap hit machines and record breaking yahtzee tournaments, briefly, nada ting happened. Stay toooned like the looney for upcoming edits in the next few weeks. Tomorrow, I will begin by dropping “Half Cash, Half Dog” a video filmed over the course of two days featuring myself and Vinny Cash. Also, the main edit, B&E show “Nada Ting” entirely filmed by Brady Perron will be releasing real zoooon!


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