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Choose a job you love, and you will
never have to work a day in your life.

Bienvenue at the B-Dog digital niche. Here, is kept the colorful catalog of one of Phil’s beloved art forms - skiing.

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‘Humbled to receive such a recognition. The ski community is filled with people deserving this title—honored to be chosen this time around. I take this opportunity to give credit to; family & friends who believed in me, the forefathers who paved the way, mentors who offered guidance, sponsors & fans for their support—Thankz to all’


‘I managed to craft a path by blocking off the noise of expectation and, instead, follow ed my inclinations. Hall of fame can often come as recognition for someone retiring or retired—this ain’t me. This is not the peak, if there is such a place. I like to see it as up hills and down hills—both are part of the ride. I’ll keep climbing up, again & again, knowing that, like CR Johnson said “On the way down it’s awesome”⛷’

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Peace – Hope february is a happy month for you.

I’ve been on a Spy tour in the western United States with good people. So far, i’ve been in Oregon skiing Mt.Bachelor, Timberline and hanging out at the Tree Fort land. The stops are only on the week-end so we are trying to keep busy during the week dayz as much as possible to come out with some fresh videos.

At this moment, i am in Snoqualmie, Washington and the tour kicks back in tomorrow, come shred!

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Happy 2017!

For this new year, my brother gave my family and myself the opportunity to explore some unfamiliar Quebecan land. It is a little slice of paradise located north east of my hometown in the village of Anse St-Jean in the region called Saguenay, Mont Édouard. We hit the perfect timing soon as we got here, mother nature blessed us with 2 feet of snow! Got to share some amazing moments with loved ones and discover some of the finest terrain for skiing there is in the province of Quebec.

My knee is feeling great and my skis even better, I will soon start filming manoeuvres again to document my season in progression. Good things keep coming, thankful.

Wishing you all a healthy 2017. Peace




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