J o u r n a l

Inspired by JP Auclair

Peace to the world,

As you are all most likely aware of, one of the most influential, inspirational, notorious and genuine skier/person as passed away in an avalanche in Chili, JP Auclair.

Seems unthinkable, impossible to digest that such a consciously aware being could pass away in the element he knows best… just a massive mind slap reminding us to be extra safe while approaching untouched territory in this kind of environment. I alwayz will remember the wise advices and great timez spent with JP in an uplifting way. This is the person i’ve looked up to most my life, not just as a skier, because he was much, much more- empathetic, loving, caring, funny, clever, focused & attentive are a few wordz that come to my mind when I think of him. Will forever remember and be grateful upon the positive influence you brought to my life, give thanks J-Wooin, much love.

Keep your head’z up for the people suffering, JP’s impact thru is earth journey was so inspiring that it will still continu to shape many generationz to come, his legacy will live on forever.