J o u r n a l

Inspired Movie Tour Salt Lake City


Another piece of the journey was achieve with success, thanks and bless, on to the next. We arrived in Salt lake city on thursday oct. 9th late evening and Henrik directly made his way to the Stept and 4bi9 premier. Eric and I went on to the domain where we’d be gratefully staying at, nada place. Seth and Rustyjonez welcomed us in da building very well as we settled in nicely. Zoon enough, Brady, Peter and Henrik came back from the showings and we got to kick it and start building the process of idea for new age digital artist, nada thing.

The next day we got to have the most awesome skateboard session at the fair mount park as well as at the new age’s spot.

Later that evening was when we presented the movies at the fine arts theatre on campus of U of U. It was amazing, big ups to the crowd whom was loudest out of all tour so far! With Boulder left to go doh. Got to see Steve Rozendaal, Pep Fujas, BP, Ware, Dale and plenty of great people, give thanks for coming out!

New Age Digital Artists was in full effect that night creating hot bangerz, album dropping zoo on.

Thanks to Brady, Seth, John, Sean and Rusty Jonez for shelter, good timez and hospitality as well as Cody, Parker, Eric and Henrik for all.