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By this time, mammoth’s trip belong to the past, leaving nothing but fruitful memories for the mind to reminisce upon. The productivity there was off the hook, but I ain’t only talking bout skiing here… talking auto rap hit machines and record breaking yahtzee tournaments, briefly, nada ting happened. Stay toooned like the looney for upcoming edits in the next few weeks. Tomorrow, I will begin by dropping “Half Cash, Half Dog” a video filmed over the course of two days featuring myself and Vinny Cash. Also, the main edit, B&E show “Nada Ting” entirely filmed by Brady Perron will be releasing real zoooon!


Powder Awards

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Peace All,

Wope life is treating you well and mother nature is blessing your area with a bunch a snow for a great winter! Lately I’ve been in Mammoth accompanied by one of the best group of people out there, NADA ting, which is, Henrik Harlaut, Brady Perron and Vincent Gagnier. So, after I saw I had 2 chances of being chosen for an award at the Powder ones and Henrik had a chance for one as well, we decided to make the drive from California to Utah alongside Brady Perron and Parker White. Everything went beyond smoothly on the way there, once we arrived, we went directly to Brady’s and roommates home where we kicked it and skated for a little bit. Afterwards we headed to the awards for our first ceremony of this kind.

The evening was beyond great, had the chance to reconnect with very amazing people and the highlight for that night was for me to meet JP’s father which came to receive the much, much deserved award of his son. Henrik and I were awarded once each as well and that was very fun, got up on stage and I was given the prize by none other then Pep Fujas. Did a little speech dedicated to JP and the growth of skiing’s community and was out of there! Celebrated until 2am with my good friends and headed to the airport to catch my 7am flight back to Mammoth!

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B-Dog / Shredsauce edit contest

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Peace all!

Over the last year or so i have noticed a decent amount of people making video edits of my shredsauce character on youtube so i thought i might as well run a contest to see who can make the illest edit with my character in the game! so, here is the contest for you guys!

-1:30 to 2:00 minutes edits would be recommended i will pick the best edit in relation to flow, style, editing, music choice, and just overall illness. The contest runs from today til Dec. 15th. Winner will win a pair of my old pro model skis that i have skied on that will be autographed with another gift or 2. Winner will be named Dec. 26th, 2014 NOTE: For the skis, i can only ship them to the USA or Canada because of the cost of shipping. BUT, if a Euro, Japanese, or someone else wins outside of North America, i will still make sure to set them up with a gift package!!

Inspired Movie Tour Salt Lake City

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Another piece of the journey was achieve with success, thanks and bless, on to the next. We arrived in Salt lake city on thursday oct. 9th late evening and Henrik directly made his way to the Stept and 4bi9 premier. Eric and I went on to the domain where we’d be gratefully staying at, nada place. Seth and Rustyjonez welcomed us in da building very well as we settled in nicely. Zoon enough, Brady, Peter and Henrik came back from the showings and we got to kick it and start building the process of idea for new age digital artist, nada thing.

The next day we got to have the most awesome skateboard session at the fair mount park as well as at the new age’s spot.

Later that evening was when we presented the movies at the fine arts theatre on campus of U of U. It was amazing, big ups to the crowd whom was loudest out of all tour so far! With Boulder left to go doh. Got to see Steve Rozendaal, Pep Fujas, BP, Ware, Dale and plenty of great people, give thanks for coming out!

New Age Digital Artists was in full effect that night creating hot bangerz, album dropping zoo on.

Thanks to Brady, Seth, John, Sean and Rusty Jonez for shelter, good timez and hospitality as well as Cody, Parker, Eric and Henrik for all.

Inspired by JP Auclair

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Peace to the world,

As you are all most likely aware of, one of the most influential, inspirational, notorious and genuine skier/person as passed away in an avalanche in Chili, JP Auclair.

Seems unthinkable, impossible to digest that such a consciously aware being could pass away in the element he knows best… just a massive mind slap reminding us to be extra safe while approaching untouched territory in this kind of environment. I alwayz will remember the wise advices and great timez spent with JP in an uplifting way. This is the person i’ve looked up to most my life, not just as a skier, because he was much, much more- empathetic, loving, caring, funny, clever, focused & attentive are a few wordz that come to my mind when I think of him. Will forever remember and be grateful upon the positive influence you brought to my life, give thanks J-Wooin, much love.

Keep your head’z up for the people suffering, JP’s impact thru is earth journey was so inspiring that it will still continu to shape many generationz to come, his legacy will live on forever.